About Joseph Tame

Hello. I’m Joseph Tame, a Tokyo-based Digital Media Producer, artist, marathon runner, public speaker, tomato-grower, consultant, trainer, inventor, husband, proud daddy, tech-otaku & change enthusiast.

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Following a traumatic 2 weeks spent climbing up and down a stepladder to fill the jam vat at a Devon cheesecake factory, I moved to Switzerland where I became the fastest tobogganer in the mountain resort of Kleine Scheidegg, perfecting the 360-degree handbreak turn, and smashing the 1934 world downhill ski record with my time of 26 mins down to Grindelwald.

Breaking my collarbone actually turned out to be a good thing, as it played a key part in my decision to head to Japan with a working holiday visa.

7 years and plenty of unpublishable adventures later, I’d successfully completed a degree in Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield (including a year at Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro), and was happily married, living and working in Tokyo.

Having secured a job that was guaranteed to drive me nuts (repeating the same scripted 5-minute phone conversation with 300 students every two weeks), I vented my creative frustration through the creation of Japan Podshow, a series of audio and video podcasts. This, and Twitter, opened the door to a fantastic community of supportive individuals, my friendship with which led me on a very interesting path through a couple of companies, and onto the core team behind TEDxTokyo.

Connections there enabled me to establish my own company, Wild Tame Co., Ltd. As Creative Director I have worked with a wide variety of clients on all kinds of digital media projects.

As Wild Tame enters its fourth year of business, I’m picking up on two themes I have long had a deep interest in – Japanese and mobile technology. More on what form that will take in due course…

Wild Tame Co., Ltd: Past and present clients

  • Olympus / Loftwork (OPC Hack & Make Project, wearable device integrating Olympus Air camera)
  • Intel (Prototype devices, writing, focused on the Intel Edison)
  • Nike Japan (Creative marketing campaign, photography)
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Animation production, creative direction, photography, illustrations, web consulting, workshops)
  • Eat Creative (video production, social media)
  • virgin earth, inc. (Film & video production)
  • Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd (Conference presentations on Wearable Tech, IoT 2014 ~ 2015)
  • British Embassy Tokyo (Video production, consulting)
  • W+K (Creative marketing campaign)
  • MTV Japan (Live event video streaming)
  • CBS News (Fixer)
  • J.P. Morgan (Consulting)
  • IMPACT Foundation Japan Consulting, digital media production, program development)
  • TEDxTokyo (Digital Media Team Lead)
  • MAKOTO (Video production, photography)
  • Le Web 2011 (Main stage Speaker)
  • Fiat Japan (Live event video streaming)
  • Tokyo American Club (Social media campaign training)
  • Antelope Audio KK (Photography)
  • Akoni KK (Live streaming, website development)
  • 21 Foundation (Marketing, film production, admin)
  • Total Football KK (IT Infrastructure, Lean system integration, website creation)
  • EA International (Live video streaming, social media training)
  • The Tyler Foundation (Website coding, consulting)
  • Peeta Planet Social TV (Dubai: Social Media Team Lead)
  • Mori Art Museum (Consulting)
  • Dentsu (Presenting, consulting)
  • The Japan Times (Photography)
  • Mobile in Japan (Writer)
Public Speaking

Over the past couple of years I have been requested to give live presentations on mobile / wearable technology at a wide variety of events, usually whilst operating the latest version of my ultimate social live-streaming machine, dubbed the ‘iRun’. These include:

  • Olympus (Tokyo)
  • Daiwa Securities (Tokyo)
  • Le Web 2011 (Paris)
  • J.P. Morgan (Tokyo)
  • Dentsu (Japan’s no.1 ad agency)
  • Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo)
  • Roppongi Hills Breakfast (MORI Building Co., Ltd)
  • PechaKucha Tokyo (five times)
  • American Chambers of Commerce, Tokyo
  • Mashable Social Media Day (Tokyo – twice)
  • Plus many more…

In addition to the above work, I continue to work on a number of digital art projects. These include:

  • Extreme mobile live stream broadcasts – the first to broadcast a continuous live stream of the full Tokyo Marathon from multiple iPhones to an audience of over 42,000; the first to live stream from the summit of Mount Fuji during a solar eclipse over a special 3G network
  • The iRun: The Ultimate live video streaming machine (as featured in much of the media listed below)
  • The Art of Running: large-scale pictures drawn on the streets using my feet, multiple GPS devices and mapping / imaging software.
  • LED Art: Wearing a body suit of over 2020 LEDs, I create unique light-trace images
  • Elephant Art: A series of hand-drawn cartoons featuring the exploits of an adventurous heard of elephants
  • The original Remote-Controlled-Car-and-Wooden-Spoon-Mouse-Trap (didn’t quite perform as hoped)
  • Numerous photography projects
Previous work experience
  • IT Consultent, media producer, Impact Japan
  • Video Producer, virgin earth inc (Japan)
  • Marketing and Production Director, White Rabbit Press (Japan)
  • Administrator, Overseas Broadcasting Center (Japan)
  • Data Analyst, EDF Energy (UK)
  • Waiter, Scheidegg Hotels (Switzerland)
  • Gardener, responsible for restoring the Yew Tree Garden following 15 years of neglect
  • Plus a heck of a lot more…
Voluntary work
  • Livestreaming for many Tokyo based charitable events / organisations
  • Core team, Communications Co-Lead for TEDxTokyo
  • Translator for Meguro Ward Office
  • Organic farming in France, Switzerland, Japan
  • Camp Counselor for adults with physical and mental dissabilities (USA)
  • Minibus driver for University of Sheffield nursery
  • Translation / office work for OXFAM Japan (Tokyo)
  • Participant in OXFAM Japan Trailwalker 2007
  • Security staff working with OXFAM (GB) at Womad Festival
  • Regular feature writer for international children’s magazine
  • Author of numerous articles for university publications
Media coverage

In addition to the list below, I have made numerous appearances on CNN, Fuji TV, NHK, TBS, Tokyo MXTV, BBC Radio, Bunka Housou

  • University of Sheffield (School of East Asian Studies)
  • Rikkyo University (Tokyo)
  • City of Bristol College
  • Hereford Sixth Form College
  • Hereford Waldorf School
Formal Qualifications
  • Aug 2008, University of Sheffield: CELTA – Cambridge TEFL certificate, 4 week intensive (1 year p/t equivilent), Grade B
  • 2004 – 2008, University of Sheffield: BA Japanese Studies (high 2:1)
  • 2007 – 2008, University of Sheffield: Sheffield Graduate Award
  • 2003 – 2004, City of Bristol College: Access to Combined Studies (2004)
  • 4 GCSEs (including English and maths, 1994)

Pushing mobile technology to the limits, Photography, writing, mountain biking, skiing, website creation, Japanese language, reading, positive thinking, empowerment of others

Much of my life is documented on my personal site, www.tamegoeswild.com.

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