Welcome to Josephta.me, the personal website of, erm, Joseph Tame. I’m a Tokyo-based Brit orginally from Herefordshire, now living with my wife in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. I’m an independent digital media producer, consultant, inventor, entrepreneur, public performance artist and marathon runner. Sometimes I combine all of these into one.

NHK: Live Streaming and the Art of Running

In December 2011 and January 2012 I was invited to participate in three episodes of NHK’s ‘Necchu Stadium’.

The first appearance saw me take part in a program focused on the running boom in Japan. I was part of a ‘Maniac Runners’ section, coming on set in my iRun. Following this introduction the second ‘maniac’ was introduces: Baba-san. Baba-san is a very interesting guy, always trying out new running projects. Today, his task was to make ice cream whilst running, using the movement of his body to churn all of the ingredients. I was then called back and asked to live-stream the making of this ice cream as we ran around Yoyogi park together.

The filming of this was such a lot of fun, with a fantastic crew and an inspiring group of runners making up the audience. Unforgettable.

The second appearance saw me as a member of the audience, telling the story of the family who gave me a curry-pan (curry bread) for two years in a row at teh same point of the Tokyo Marathon.

The third appearance came about when I was asked if I’d like to introduce my ‘Art of Running’ project for a program focused on smart phones. It just so happened that filming day coincided with the date I’d planned to do a special Art of Running project in Ishinomaki, so instead I suggested that they send a cameraman up to join us on the run. Which they did!

Read more about that story here.

I’ve also made recent appearances in Runner’s World, Macworld Australia (thanks Roberto)

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