Welcome to Josephta.me, the personal website of, erm, Joseph Tame. I’m a Tokyo-based Brit orginally from Herefordshire, now living with my wife in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. I’m an independent digital media producer, consultant, inventor, entrepreneur, public performance artist and marathon runner. Sometimes I combine all of these into one.

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Nike Japan’s ‘Run LIKE Me’
The idea of my running 100m for every 'Like' Nike Running Japan received on Facebook started out as a joke - but then somehow became a reality....
The Art of Running: Recovery in Ishinomaki
My latest Art of Running project saw me back up in Tohoku, the region of Japan so badly hit by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami...
Art of Running – A Tribute to Steve: 21KM Apple Logo
Showing my appreciation for Steve Jobs as he steps down as CEO of Apple, shortly before his death....
Art of Running: 16KM Tokyo Sky Tree
This morning I ran the new symbol of the city - Tokyo Sky Tree. At 634m it's the tallest tower in the world, and the second tallest structure in the world...
The Art of Running: The 15km Twitter Bird
I've been back out this morning to create the third in my series of GPS-trail art, a 15km Twitter Bird...
The Art of Running: Meguro Elephant
In a bid to distract myself from the psychological barriers I encounter when running over 12km, I've started a new project - The Art of Running...