Tokyo Workshop

It’s been a busy few months here for the Tame in Tokyo!
Following a fantastic relaxing few weeks in the UK, I teamed up with 3 good friends (collectively we work together as an NPO, ‘Make It Creative‘) on producing a series of workshops for Microsoft’s YouthSpark program (), through which the company empowers young people worldwide.

Our workshops combined Internet of Things technology (sensors, Intel Edison Arduino kits) with Design Thinking, enabling participants to come up with original solutions to help support local communities in Japan.

It was also a great opportunity for me personally too, to spend more time learning about how to use this technology, which I can now integrate in future wearable devices.

The workshops were held in Tokyo, Sendai and Kobe, and were only possible thanks to the support of the team at Microsoft Japan, many local volunteers and community mentors – and of course our fantastic participants!
Thanks to everyone who took part and made it such a success!


Microsoft YouthSpark 2015 IoT Kobe_JPT6900

Microsoft YouthSpark 2015 IoT Kobe_JPT7228

Microsoft YouthSpark IoT Workshop Tokyo_3088

Microsoft YouthSpark IoT Workshop Tokyo_3131

Microsoft YouthSpark IoT Workshop Tokyo_3244

Microsoft_YouthSpark 2015 - Tokyo Workshop - 6671


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