Hello. I’m Joseph Tame, a Tokyo-based performance artist, marathon runner, public speaker, consultant, IoT / wearable device hacker, inventor and daddy.

Find out what I am doing now here.

I am the CEO and Creative Director of Wild Tame Co., Ltd, a Tokyo-based agency that creates digital media content (primarily video-based) for a wide range of clients.

I am also a founding member and co-director of the non-profit Make It Creative; we run creativity workshops for a variety of non-profit and for-profit organisations.

I love collaborating with other individuals and organisations to make the extraordinary possible.











A Brief History of the Tame: The Road to Japan

Following a traumatic 2 weeks spent climbing up and down a stepladder to fill the jam vat at a Devon cheesecake factory, I moved to Switzerland where I became the fastest tobogganer in the mountain resort of Kleine Scheidegg, perfecting the 360-degree handbreak turn, and smashing the 1934 world downhill ski record with my time of 26 mins down to Grindelwald.

Breaking my collarbone actually turned out to be a good thing, as it played a key part in my decision to head to Japan with a working holiday visa.

7 years and plenty of unpublishable adventures later (most of which are published on my other blog), I’d successfully completed a degree in Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield (including a year at Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro), and was happily married, living and working in Tokyo.

Having secured a job that was guaranteed to drive me nuts (repeating the same scripted 5-minute phone conversation with 300 students every two weeks), I vented my creative frustration through the production of Japan Podshow, a series of audio and video podcasts. This, and Twitter, opened the door to a fantastic community of supportive individuals, my friendship with which led me on a very interesting path through a couple of companies, and onto the core team behind TEDxTokyo.

Connections there enabled me to establish my own company, Wild Tame Co., Ltd. As Creative Director I work with a wide variety of clients on all kinds of digital media projects.











Past and Present Clients

Partners, clients, collaborators
  • Nippon TV (GPS Running Art project designer, personality in series of three TV programs)
  • Olympus / Loftwork (OPC Hack & Make Project, wearable device integrating Olympus Air camera)
  • Intel (Prototype devices, writing, focused on the Intel Edison)
  • Nike Japan (Creative marketing campaign, photography)
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Animation production, creative direction, photography, illustrations, web consulting, workshops)
  • Eat Creative (video production, social media)
  • Soket / Amuse (Interactive public ‘lectures’ for a Japanese idol group)
  • J-Wave Radio (Large-scale Running Art project)
  • virgin earth, inc. (Film & video production)
  • Peace Boat (Video production)
  • Pixel Corps (live stream production assistant)
  • Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd (Conference presentations on Wearable Tech, IoT 2014 ~ 2015)
  • British Embassy Tokyo (Video production, consulting)
  • W+K (Creative marketing campaign)
  • MTV Japan (Live event video streaming)
  • CBS News (Fixer)
  • J.P. Morgan (Consulting)
  • Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (Video course Lecturer)
  • IMPACT Foundation Japan Consulting, digital media production, program development)
  • TEDxTokyo (Digital Media Team Lead)
  • MAKOTO (Video production, photography)
  • Le Web 2011 (Main stage Speaker)
  • Fiat Japan (Live event video streaming)
  • Tokyo American Club (Social media campaign training)
  • Antelope Audio KK (Photography)
  • Akoni KK (Live streaming, website development)
  • 21 Foundation (Marketing, film production, admin)
  • Total Football KK (IT Infrastructure, Lean system integration, website creation)
  • EA International (Live video streaming, social media training)
  • The Tyler Foundation (Website coding, consulting)
  • Peeta Planet Social TV (Dubai: Social Media Team Lead)
  • Mori Art Museum (Consulting)
  • Dentsu (Presenting, consulting)
  • The Japan Times (Photography)
  • Mobile in Japan (Writer)
Joseph prepares to run and live-stream the Tokyo Maraton
Joseph at work filming
Joseph at work on TV
Joseph at work on TV











Public Speaking

Over the past couple of years I have been requested to give live presentations on mobile / wearable / IoT technology at a wide variety of events, usually whilst operating the latest version of my ultimate social live-streaming machines. These include:

  • Olympus (Tokyo)
  • Daiwa Securities (Tokyo, 3 years running)
  • Le Web (Paris)
  • J.P. Morgan (Tokyo)
  • Dentsu (Japan’s no.1 ad agency)
  • Fab Cafe, Tokyo
  • Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo)
  • Roppongi Hills Breakfast (MORI Building Co., Ltd)
  • PechaKucha Tokyo (5 times by invitation)
  • American Chambers of Commerce, Tokyo
  • Mashable Social Media Day (Tokyo – twice)
  • Plus many more…











Artist / Inventor

In addition to the above work, I continue to work on a number of digital art projects. These include:

  • The invention of a series of unique wearable devices to solve everyday problems, such as the cloud-controlled mobile wearable chocolate vending machine hat, the wearable mobile Christmas Tree and the mobile photo printing studio
  • Extreme mobile live stream broadcasts – the first to broadcast a continuous live stream of the full Tokyo Marathon from multiple iPhones to an audience of over 42,000; the first to live stream from the summit of Mount Fuji during a solar eclipse over a special mobile network
  • The iRun: The Ultimate live video streaming machine (as featured in much of the media listed below)
  • The Art of Running: large-scale pictures drawn on the streets using my feet, multiple GPS devices and mapping / imaging software.
  • LED Art: Wearing a body suit of over 2020 LEDs, I create unique light-trace images
  • Elephant Art: A series of hand-drawn cartoons featuring the exploits of an adventurous heard of elephants
  • The original Remote-Controlled-Car-and-Wooden-Spoon-Mouse-Trap (didn’t quite perform as hoped)
  • Numerous photography projects











Media coverage

Joseph Tame in the news

In addition to the list below, I have made numerous appearances on TV and Radio including CNN, Discovery Channel, Fuji TV, NHK, TBS, NTV, Tokyo MXTV, BBC Radio, J-Wave Radio, Bunka Housou











And the rest

In my previous life as an employee

  • IT Consultant, media producer, Impact Japan
  • Video Producer, virgin earth inc (Japan)
  • Marketing and Production Director, White Rabbit Press (Japan)
  • Administrator, Overseas Broadcasting Center (Japan)
  • Data Analyst, EDF Energy (UK)
  • Waiter, Scheidegg Hotels (Switzerland)
  • Gardener, responsible for restoring the Yew Tree Garden following 15 years of neglect
  • Plus a heck of a lot more…
Voluntary work
  • Livestreaming for many Tokyo based charitable events / organisations
  • Core team, Communications Co-Lead for TEDxTokyo
  • Translator for Meguro Ward Office
  • Organic farming in France, Switzerland, Japan
  • Camp Counselor for adults with physical and mental dissabilities (USA)
  • Minibus driver for University of Sheffield nursery
  • Translation / office work for OXFAM Japan (Tokyo)
  • Participant in OXFAM Japan Trailwalker 2007
  • Security staff working with OXFAM (GB) at Womad Festival
  • Regular feature writer for international children’s magazine
  • Author of numerous articles for university publications

Pushing mobile / IoT technology & Duct tape to the limits, Photography, writing, running, Japanese language, reading, smiling.

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