I’m currently living in Chiyoda, central Tokyo, with my wife, 3-year-old son and 0-year-old baby.

Our house is also home to our small business, Wild Tame Co., Ltd: we have an office and workshop dedicated to digital media production and performance art project development (including the making of a range of completely impractical wearable devices).

I am also a founding member and director of the non-profit Make It Creative (now Hapnik); we run creativity workshops for a variety of non-profit and for-profit organisations. We are currently running our fourth series of Creativity and Coding workshops for Microsoft’s YouthSpark Live program.

I enjoy my work, and consequently work a lot. I divide most of my waking hours between two distinct categories of work, serious and performance art with ‘serious’ work having historically taken up the majority of my time, and family.

Since late 2014 I have been actively working to switch my focus to the development of my performance art / invention portfolio. I am encouraged by the warm reception this has received and will accelerate this switch in 2016.

Current ‘serious’ work

  1. Video production (from storyboarding to final edit).
  2. Web consulting for Japanese clients
  3. Marketing support for foreign clients expanding into Japan
  4. Carrying out a series of workshops for Microsoft’s YouthSpark program

Current performance art projects

  1. Commercial for a major food products brand
  2. Video’s focused on my son’s adventures

When not working I am doing the following:

  1. Studying Japanese.
  2. Entertaining my son and helping him learn English to match the Japanese he is picking up at nursery.
  3. Trying to develop a habit of regular meditation and yoga

    1. If you have an idea for a collaborative project involving sports / technology / performance art / social media, I would be happy to hear from you.

      Please understand that due to the simple fact that my time is limited to 24/7 and I have a family to support, I say no to a lot of requests, and am necessarily selective when it comes to non-profit projects.

      This page was last updated March 2017.
      Inspired by nownownow.com.

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