The Tokyo Marathon Project

It’s now 8 years since I took up running, and 8 years since I completed my first Tokyo Marathon.
Little did I know then how it would come to change my life.

Below you’ll find a selection of posts highlighting the technology I’ve used, and the adventures I’ve had as I’ve shared the experience first hand of running Japan’s biggest race.

Joseph's 9th annual live-streamed


will take place here on Sunday February 26th 2017

Tune in live here!
Saturday February 25th 15:00-21:00 PST
Sunday February 26th 00:00-06:00 GMT/UTC


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Tokyo Marathon 2017 Live Stream

JOSEPH TAME'S 9TH ANNUAL LIVE-STREAMED INTERACTIVE TOKYO MARATHON Sunday February 26th 2017 Saturday February 25th 15:00-21:00 PST Sunday February 26th 00:00-06:00 GMT/UTC LIVE CAMERA 1: PERISCOPE / TWITTER CLICK HERE for the latest live video on Twitter and Tweet me!...

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Running Tokyo: What it means to me

With just a 6 weeks to go until the Tokyo Marathon, I'm trying to get in as much training in as I can. The other night I decided to take my camera with me to document my run ...and it kind of turned into a mini-documentary about what running means to me. I started off...

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Tokyo Marathon 2016

JOSEPH TAME'S 8th ANNUAL LIVE-STREAMED TOKYO MARATHON The world's first sports event broadcast in full 360-VR from the athlete's head History was made on February 28th 2016 Eight years in the making: Tokyo Marathon 2016 sees my 360 degree dream become a reality. Right...

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The Tokyo Marathon 2015

The Tokyo Marathon has become a core part of my life. It’s an annual celebration of the close relationship I have with the city and its people. It’s the day when friends are reunited, friends 7 years in the making. Whilst I might only see them for a few seconds once a year, they bond is strong, and is carried throughout the whole year when I meet many of them at other events, in trains, on the streets. It’s so much more than a 42km race.

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Tokyo Marathon 2014

The 2014 Tokyo Marathon was Joseph’s biggest challenge to date. Join Joseph on the 42km course as he attempts the impossible, this time wearing a 360 degree camera

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CNN: Tokyo Marathon 2011

For the 2011 Tokyo Marathon CNN sent two camera crews to document my progress. Find out if the windmills kept turning in this report.東京マラソン2011ではCNNが僕のランをドキュメントするために2チームのカメラクルーを用意しました。風車にもご注目!

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