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I recently had the opportunity to present at a very special PechaKucha night, held at the brand new BMW Group Tokyo Bay space in Odaiba – a space designed by PechaKucha founders (and architects) Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein.

The theme of the night was ‘mobility’, so I decided to present on the ‘The Future of Self-Driving Cherry Trees’ – whilst kitted out in my full Sakuraman gear.

The speaker lineup was just fabulous, some really engaging presentations. You can check them all out here.

Thanks to team PechaKucha for having me!
(and thanks for the photos Brian and Chad)

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13707709_10206659077983685_7824105812732393089_n

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13708217_1382284651787749_4840730619493519582_o

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13708386_1381471741869040_1734683741748798061_o

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13708419_10208792218296117_7328774589814234640_o

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13737587_1382284598454421_6445223849836450861_o

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman 13738272_1382284571787757_3286290027235092505_o

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman BrianScottPeterson_20160720_0043_2Y0A8980

PechaKucha Mini Sakuraman BrianScottPeterson_20160720_0047_F94A8292

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