Joseph Tame on TV

It was never my intention to keep on appearing on TV, but it seems that when you dress up as a Christmas Tree, or stick windmills on your head and run around Tokyo, the cameras can’t stay away.

Below you’ll find a selection of stories covering my adventures in the world of the small screen.

IoT Chocolate Vending Machine Hat

The Chocolate Vending Machine hat was first inspired by my experience as a runner in the Tokyo Marathon. During the race, hundreds of thousands of supporters lining the road hand out chocolates, sweets, drinks, miso soup and cold spray. Their generosity makes a huge...

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Joseph co-presents NHK Morning News Report

Earlier this summer I was approached by a producer for NHK's main morning news show, Ohayo Nippon. They were planning to run a report on some off-the-beaten-track locations that represented Japan's craftsmanship / attention to detail in manufacturing. These locations...

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TV: Collaboration with NTV for Running Art Series

Earlier this year we joined forces with Nippon TV and Hiroshima TV, to make a three-part series focused on Running Art - "Chikyu Mapping” (literally 'Globe Mapping'). For the first episode, we headed on down to Hiroshima, where me met up with Haruna Ai-san (a well...

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TV: Tokyo Kurasso! Joseph Tame on MXTV

Earlier this year I was invited to appear on Tokyo MXTV’s Tokyo Kurasso! (‘Let’s live in Tokyo’), to talk about my Running Art, and the Tokyo Marathon project. This was the first time to appear without my wind-turbine-hat-of-power, but despite that it all went well.

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The Gadget Show

People often ask me what I do for a living. Whilst I may respond by saying something about video production and digital marketing, the truth is that I’m a karaoke singer for hire – at least that’s what you’ll believe if you watch the Channel 5 TV (UK) program ’The Gadget Show’.

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BS Fuji TV: Birth of the Cool

Recent months have seen a huge increase in the number of TV programs that take as a theme the image of Japan in the eyes of foreigners. It’s one of those trends that you’ll see manifested almost daily (reminds me of when home improvement shows took off in the UK). You’ll either have shows focused purely on what foreigners think, or more commonly, shows that have a foreign guest on the panel providing their opinion on a topic.

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NHK World: Featured Tokyo Artist

Back in September 2014 I was contacted by NHK World regarding a couple of programs that they were planning focused on Tokyo-based foreign artists. Broadcast worldwide on Satellite TV, online, via their mobile apps, the program, Tokyo Eye, introduces various aspects of...

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TV: Art of Running Introduced on NHK Education

If you start seeing little children running the streets of Japan whilst carefully checking their routes using a GPS tracker, it'll be thanks to NHK's morning kids show 'Shakiin' which today had a section all about funny ways of running. Featured alongside a backwards...

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[TV] News Zero

In June 2014 Japan’s popular nightly news show, News Zero, ran a story on my running art projects.

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[TV]: Peeta Planet

In 2013 I was asked to take Part in Peeta Planet, a social TV travel series broadcast on Dubai One and associated networks across the region

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Introducing the iRun on MXTV

One of my first live TV appearances in my iRun gear on Japanese TV – Tokyo MXTV. The biggest challenge was smashing through the paper door

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Joseph Tame on TV


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