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Following on from the success of our workshop for J-Wave radio, our team (Make It Creative) were contacted by Seijo University and asked if we would be able to run a Design Thinking workshop for 280 students taking their 「キャリア形成概論Ⅰ」course.

Always willing to take on a challenge, we accepted, and formulated a 90 minute session which would see the students go through a Design Thinking program tackling the process of choosing and giving gifts to others. Once they had their ideas, they then rapidly created prototypes of their solutions out of paper, post-its and tape in just 8 minutes!

The results were impressive, with a huge variety of novel solutions.

I also took along my first-generation chocolate vending machine hat prototype, to demonstrate the importance of just making stuff, without worrying too much about the details at first (more about that in a later post!).

Thanks to all of the students for taking part so enthusiastically, and thanks to Azusa Katsumata of Seiko University for making it possible.

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