Photos from the official PechaKucha Tokyo 120 album by Michael Holmes


’Twas a few nights before Christmas, and once again the Tame was given the opportunity to grace the stage of PechaKucha Tokyo.


For my 4th PechaKucha presentation I wanted to push the limits, to bring some extra Christmas cheer to SuperDeluxe. It was with this in mind that in late November I started to build my special Christmas hat, which went on to become an extra-intelligent Intel Edison powered Christmas hat, as I wrote about here.


But a Christmas hat alone wouldn’t suffice, so I decided to introduce a project I’ve been working on for the past few months in collaboration with Olympus – the ultimate Mobile Purikura studio – featuring the Open Platform Camera that they’ll be releasing later in 2015.


As you can see, the version I was wearing at PechaKucha was still a bit of an unwieldy prototype (version 2), and although not designed to look in the least bit erotic, it did turn out to be a little provocative. One of my tasks this month is to create an updated version that is a little more politically correct – I’ll be writing more about that project in a future post.

Due to the time restriction built in to the PechaKucha model (20 slides x 20 seconds) I didn’t really explain it too well, although to be honest that wasn’t my priority. My goal that night was to entertain the local audience, and based on the feedback I received I think I managed to do that successfully (thank you everyone for your warm support).


Anyway, hope you enjoy my presentation! (Images & audio)

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