This project is only made possible thanks to the generous help of the following people.

Steve Nagata – Technologist with all the gadgets that have made this possible. Steve is running Broadcast HQ and is an anchor in the studio
Follow Steve on Twitter

Christine – Technology trainer and our co-anchor at Broadcast HQ
Follow Christine on Twitter

Live reporters:

Team 1:
Pietro Zuco @drzuco Website Flickr
Pepi Valderrama Twitter Webpage

Team 2:
Jonny Li Twitter Website Flickr
Oren the Red Twitter Flickr

Reporter 3
Lem Fugitt Twitter Webpage 1 Webpage 2

Team 4
Nami and Phil Twitter (Nami)

Big thanks to GLYMPSE for all of their help with GPS – they responded to our requests for help, and for this we are very grateful.
Download Glympse for your iPhone now!

Thanks also to TWEETTALK – Listen to music and have your twitter tweets read to you automatically on your iphone!
Download it now!

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