Media coverage of my run of the Tokyo Marathon 2010 live streaming run began just a couple of hours after I’d finished the run with IT Media News publishing this article. The following day it was republished on Yahoo News.

IT Media News published a follow-up story in April 2010, in which I talked about how the mobile networks and iPhone had ‘changed my life’.

The day following the marathon, I featured in Fuji TV’s coverage of the Tokyo Marathon on ‘Tokudane’ (video no longer available).

In June 2010 I was featured in Weekly Ascii’s review of notable online events in the first half of 2010. A full interview was also published online.

I was also featured in local papers in the UK: The Hereford Times

The Sheffield Star

BS-TBS also featured me in a program about Ustream.

I’ve also given talks to Japanese ad agencies, at social media events, and also at PechaKucha.

All-in-all, it was a successful campaign in which all the media came to me!

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