As I posted on my microblog yesterday, I’m on of the lucky 1-in-9.2 applicants that were selected by lottery to run the Tokyo Marathon 2011. Over 294,000 people applied for the full 42.5km race, with only 32,000 able to run. Unfortunately, unlike last year, the majority of my friends were not selected – I only know 3 people who got in. This is quite a disappointment, as Tom and I have run together from the start of all this in 2008. Fingers crossed though that a lot of people forget / choose not to pay the 12,000 yen (£92 $147) entry fee, thus increasing the chances of getting in through the second lottery next month.

Receiving that email had quite an effect upon me – I started shaking, feeling both extreme excitement and happiness. It gives me a clear goal to aim for, and ensures that I keep on running. I’ve now decided to take the training more seriously this year, partly because I’m really enjoying my running, and partly because I want to be able to focus more on whatever it is I end up doing during the 2011 marathon (that is, apart from run). …I’d like to do something bigger and better than last year.

Watch this space…

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