Important Elephant Notice: This Meguro Elephant has been superseded by the magnificent Iidabashi Elephant taking a drink from a canal – so please check that out instead.

Thank you.

In a bid to distract myself from the psychological barriers I encounter when running over 12km, I’ve started a new project – The Art of Running.

Rather than just running along rivers or to and from the local park, I plot a course that, once complete, will result in a GPS trace that paints the picture of an animal or other recognisable object.

I’ve had this idea for some time now (and indeed, GPS art has been around ever since the invention of the technology), but it’s only now I need to start putting in longer distances that I find myself sufficiently motivated to carry it out. It takes a bit of time to plan a route, and following it is actually a lot harder than I’d imagined, requiring the use of multiple GPS devices.

An interactive map of the route is available here

As seen in Google Earth:

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