After a very busy week with not much time for running, I was back out this morning to create the third in my series of GPS-trail art, a 15km route based on this popular take on the iconic Twitter bird. As always, it was pretty tricky to find an area of Tokyo that leant itself to the project, but eventually I found one – right on our doorstep.

Unfortunately, in my bid to get out of the house as soon as possible I neglected to do a last minute check of the proposed route, and so a couple of times found myself faced with a large road that couldn’t easily be crossed. In those cases I had to pause the tracking software, run down the road to the nearest traffic lights, cross, and run back to the same spot on the other side of the road.

Overall though I’m pretty happy with this piece – it was quite a lot of fun!

As usual I used Runkeeper as my main tracking device. Both Nike+ and a new app that I’m trialling, TweetRunners, struggled to generate accurate statistics, partly due to being limited to getting their location data via wifi.

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