I was delighted and honored to be a part of LeWeb’11, Europe’s No.1 tech/web conference, this year with the theme of ‘Social, Local, Mobile – SOLOMO’. On day 2 of LeWeb’11 I revealed to the world the latest version of the iRun, the world’s most advanced mobile broadcast studio, which captures the very heart of SOLOMO.

My presentation, which took place on the main stage in front of an audience of thousands, saw me demonstrate the iRun with its astonishing range of built-in services, before going on to share the story of how I used it to carry out my latest Art of Running project, Recovery in Ishinomaki.

Unfortunately, we had a few technical problems with the presentation, which turned the whole affair into quite a character building experience! Below are a few photographs.

Following my on-stage performance, I joined Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane at the on-site TWiT studio for what was a far more relaxing chat – as seen in the video below!

All photos by Olivier Ezratty, http://www.oezratty.net/

Thanks all for your support 🙂

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