This weekend I was invited by friends I first met last year during the recording of NHK’s Nechu Stadium, to take part in Kobe IT Festival, held down in Harbourland here in Kobe.

The festival brings together representatives from the IT industry from kobe, kansai and beyond, with the aim of showing regular folks the potential and accessibility of a wide range of technologies and services.

For my part, I’m demonstrating the fun you can have by combining technology and sports, with a very special Art of Running course – Kobe Port Tower! I started it last night, and completed it this morning. I must say, it was a lot of fun to run, with the people of Kobe being very receptive to the spectacle. A lot of laughs, a lot of smiles, am lot of support. Unforgettable! I also live streamed most the of the run using the LiveU LU40, so I could share the experience live with the world.

Anyway, I’d best prepare for day two of the festival – see you there!


Today’s sunrise…

…and last night’s view over the port area, including the tower

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