shibuya_bunka_project_key_person_joseph_tameThrough my work for TEDxTokyo I was invited to give an interview for Shibuya Bunka Project, a site that highlights Tokyu Dentetsu’s multi-decade project to rebuild Shibuya, with a focus on the are around the railway station.

Starting with Shibuya Hikarie (home to TEDxTokyo) in 2012, they are continuing with a very ambitious project to carry out a complete transformation of Shibuya, with a completion goal of 2027.

Amongst the plans include moving the Saikyo line and Ginza line stations, the construction of a new station building (one section of the old Tokyu Department Store has just been demolished, and of course the Tokyu-Toyoku line station was moved underground in early 2013), recovery of the river that has been buried beneath Shibuya, and the creation of many more open public spaces.

The interview was one of the most detailed I’ve given to date, and includes not only my story of how I came to be here and doing what I’m doing, but also describes my work with TEDxTokyo (touching on the flashmob).

Thanks to the team at Tokyu Dentetsu for the opportunity to be a part of this.

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