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Welcome to the officially official website of the official Joseph Tame, a Tokyo-based Brit from the West of England, now living with his wife, son, and lots of yellow duct tape in central Tokyo.

Joseph is a public performance artist, hacker of IoT / wearable tech, a digital media producer (his company, Wild Tame Co., Ltd. provides video production and related services), consultant, inventor, entrepreneur, MC, public speaker and marathon runner.

Sometimes he combines all of these into one.

Find out what he’s doing right now, here.

Joseph loves collaborative projects – find out more about working with him here.





Running Tokyo: What it means to me

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Created for Coto Academy by Tofu Media


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The On-Demand Christmas Tree

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UK Trade and Investment: Nissan Leaf Japan Tour

Over the past 7 years I’ve got pretty used to using batteries to power myself as I travel around Tokyo and beyond. Usually though the batteries are fairly lightweight, and output a maximum of 12 volts. With this collaboration with UKTI, things were a little different.

Work behind the scenes: TV Tokyo’s series on Japan’s ODA Program

I’m often asked what I ‘do’, aside from run around with windmills and LEDs strapped to me. Whilst running around in my gear was never part of any business plan, over the past year it’s naturally become one of the main services that our company, Wild Tame Co., Ltd...

Firefly Ride

Swapping my running shoes for a bicycle, I donned my LEDs and joined the Cycling Embassy of Japan’s Firefly Ride from Omotesando to Odaiba.

TV: Tokyo Kurasso! Joseph Tame on MXTV

Earlier this year I was invited to appear on Tokyo MXTV’s Tokyo Kurasso! (‘Let’s live in Tokyo’), to talk about my Running Art, and the Tokyo Marathon project. This was the first time to appear without my wind-turbine-hat-of-power, but despite that it all went well.

The Art of Running: 140km Olaf

As temperatures rise in Tokyo, what better way to keep cool than by running a 140km picture of Olaf on the streets of Tokyo?!

Seijo University Design Thinking Workshop

Following on from the success of our workshop for J-Wave radio, our team (Make It Creative) were contacted by Seijo University and asked if we would be able to run a Design Thinking workshop for 280 students taking their 「キャリア形成概論Ⅰ」course. Always willing to take on a...

J-WAVE Radio Design Thinking Workshop

Back in April, myself and the Make It Creative team were delighted to have the opportunity to run a Design Thinking workshop for Tokyo’s J-wave radio.
The challenge for the participants – a group of young radio enthusiasts – was to come up with ideas for new radio programs, and then record a 1 minute trailer for their programs.

Microsoft YouthSpark IoT Workshop

It’s been a busy few months here for the Tame in Tokyo! Following a fantastic relaxing few weeks in the UK, I teamed up with 3 good friends (collectively we work together as an NPO, 'Make It Creative') on producing a series of workshops for Microsoft's YouthSpark...

The Gadget Show

People often ask me what I do for a living. Whilst I may respond by saying something about video production and digital marketing, the truth is that I’m a karaoke singer for hire – at least that’s what you’ll believe if you watch the Channel 5 TV (UK) program ’The Gadget Show’.

The Tokyo Marathon 2015

The Tokyo Marathon has become a core part of my life. It’s an annual celebration of the close relationship I have with the city and its people. It’s the day when friends are reunited, friends 7 years in the making. Whilst I might only see them for a few seconds once a year, they bond is strong, and is carried throughout the whole year when I meet many of them at other events, in trains, on the streets. It’s so much more than a 42km race.

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Press coverage

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