Welcome to Josephta.me, the personal website of, erm, Joseph Tame. I’m a Tokyo-based Brit orginally from Herefordshire, now living with my wife in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. I’m an independent digital media producer, consultant, inventor, entrepreneur, public performance artist and marathon runner. Sometimes I combine all of these into one.

Joseph Tame | ジョセフ・テイム
Joseph Tame | ジョセフ・テイム
Joseph Tame | ジョセフ・テイム
Joseph Tame | ジョセフ・テイム
Joseph Tame | ジョセフ・テイム


The Art of Running: 65km SoftBank Otousan
Softbank has been key to my projects over the past few years - I saw it as only fitting that I run an Otousan to show my appreciation...
Nike+ Campus Run Club Summer College
September 3rd saw me at Nike's flagship Harajuku store to lead an event for Nike+ Campus Run Club...
The Art of Running: 385km (240 mile) Tokyo 2020
My most challenging Running Art project to date: a 385km version of the official Olympic emblem GPS tracked across Tokyo...
[TV] Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet: Running Art
Discovery Channel's Daily Planet was in Japan recently as part of an Asia Tech Week, covering robots and runners ...
[TV]: Peeta Planet
In 2013 I was asked to take Part in Peeta Planet, a social TV travel series broadcast on Dubai One and associated networks across the region...
The Art of Running: 116km Anpanman – Preparing for Fatherhood
With the birth of our first child fast approaching, I’ve been feeling increasing pressure to prepare myself. ...
The Art of Running
The Art of Running: LED Traces
Painting the streets with the help of 10 metres of LEDs, a micro controller and long-exposure photography....
Kunimaru Japan
[Radio] Interview on Bunka Housou: Kunimaru Japan
On the second anniversary of the March 11th Earthquake I was invited to share my project on Nippon Housou...
Tokyo Marathon 2013
No Tokyo Marathon would be complete without a wild Tame live streaming his run! ...

Video Highlights

Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet: 22km Canadian Maple
Teaming up with Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet crew for some running art

Peeta Planet Minisode: Joseph Tame
carrying out a piece of running art on the streets of Ginza with the boys from the Peeta Planet social TV show

Peeta Planet Tokyo Episode
PeetaPlanet is a social TV travel series bringing remote locations to life. Skip to 18mins to join our hanami.

Nike’s ‘Run LIKE Me’ Launch video
Promotion video to kick off the month-long Lunarglide+4 / Run LIKE Me campaign by Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo

Nike’s ‘Run LIKE Me’ Toyo Uni Run
The Toyo University Track & Field Team are one of Japan’s strongest. See their reactions when I gatecrash their training session

Nike’s ‘Run LIKE Me’ Recap video
Highlights of the month-long project that saw me run over 400km around Tokyo.

NHK: Live streaming ice-cream making
NHK had a special mission for me: To provide a mobile live stream from my iPhone for a program on running maniacs

TWIT Special from Le Web
Whilst in Paris to speak at LeWeb’11 I was interviewed by Leo Laporte and sarah Lane for TWiT TV

Professor App: Mother Translates Live
One of a series of videos made for an app competition taking place in Tokyo. This app was ahead of its time.

NHK: Art of Running in Ishinomaki
Bringing smiles to the faces of people in Tohoku affected by the March 11th disaster

CNN: Tokyo Marathon Live Stream
For the 2011 Tokyo Marathon CNN sent 2 camera crews to track my progress

Tokyo MXTV: Meet Joseph
Doing my best to create a positive image on non-Japanese Tokyo residents

Japan Podshow at the Ritz
One of a series of Podcasts made soon after I had returned to Japan

Producer of: Otsuka Story
A live-drawn animation produced for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and TEDxTokyo

Japan Podshow in Harajuku
Another extract from our old Japan Podshow series